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will concern table games at all of maryland's gaming facilities. >>> a different kind of raven makes its baltimore debut, a new ship offering spectacular ewe views of the harbor. krkts ai jackson takes us on the new vessel. >> reporter: officials say the raven will offer a new way to look at the harbor. >> preserve and protect our fair city of baltimore. >> reporter: all hands were on deck at the inner harbor as the mayor and others helped christen a new tour boat, a vessel called the rh. >> it's a beautiful ship. i love the classic lines. but i was completely stunned at the looks inside. >> reporter: the raven is 99 feet long, has two decks, an can accommodate nearly 150 passengers. watermark will focus on a combination of public tours and private parties with an emphasis on maryland and baltimore history. >> can a family of four afford to spend time on this boat? >> absolutely. this boat, you can have a family of four. our kids' prices are very low. >> reporter: the raven doesn't look like any other boats in the harbor, and that was intentional. it was designed after a 19th- century st
. >> the ravens are at training camp and their stadium is being taken over by another sport. >> details on the ventilator. >> taking a stance on concussions sovereign -- suffered by high school athletes. at thegerry sandusky under warmer performance center where ravens training camp is getting under way with a new look for head coach john harbaugh. check it out later at 6:00. >> big thunderstorms. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪ >> thousands of high school athletes are treated for concussions relating to contact sport. >> it has forced the state board of education to take action. tim tooten joins us more. >> we hear more and more about to been suffering brain injuries, but there is the hope that that will be changing with state regulations now on the books. >> kids go to school for a lot of reasons. the primary is to learn. anything else has to come second. >> a passionate plea getting serious about co
's mom. >> this summer is real different in westminster. how the departure of the ravens is affecting the town. >> 7 at bwi -- 87 at bwi. our winner is sandy howard from baltimore. congrats. you get an abc2 storm umbrella. by the way, you can check out the heat advisory in place by going to our storm shield app. download it and you cran get that -- can get that heat advisory. it's coming up in detail on abc2 news at 6. >>> this is an unbelievable story. vi ripken, the mother of cal ripken is back. she was abducted from her home. the police slay it happened around 7:00 in the morning when aman approached her and forced her into a car at gun point. just after 6:00 this morning police say she was found in her car close to her home unharmed. police are looking for a white plan in his late 30s, early 40s, last seen wearing a white shirt, cam mow pants. police are working together on this evaluation. if you know anything about this abduction of vi ripken, call the ab berolice department -- aberdeen police department. >> east baltimore on monument street. we have a huge sinkhole. it just ope
could help reduce the risk of contracting the deadly disease. the ravens keep the running back for the foreseeable future. the rush hour surprise. and water main break causes gridlock in downtown baltimore. good evening, everyone. while the cleanup has been ongoing it could be days before areas are back to normal. some parts of it are buckling because of the water main break. kerry cavanaugh digs deeper on the infrastructure in integrity but we begin with sheldon who has been on the scene says the news broke this evening. >> we have a few updates to pass along. there is no longer any water gushing onto the intersection compared to a earlier today. there are a few more lanes of traffic open and we have also learned that this main break may have happened because of all days. -- old age. peeper downtown were better off using an ark to get around. >> we rushed out to see what was going on. we saw all of the water coming out of the streets. >> with cars already creeping as low speeds because of rush hour, the water main could not have broken at a worse time. >> traffic was tied up f
apologized - saying the ship rarely cruises downriver - and lost control. 3 3 the ravens empty their wallet to pay ray rice...his impressive resume after 4 years in the league...next in sports unlimited... [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the new santa fe steak melts. get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt or add egg for a santa fe steak, bacon & egg melt, perfect for breakfast or any time of day. subway. eat fresh. here's the perfect solution. switch to a verizon fios triple play and upgrade your entertainment equipment with our 100% fiberoptic network and whole home solution, including a high-speed wireless router, plus a new multi room dvr and new hd set top box free for 12 months. hurry. switching has never been easier with the fios whole home solution. upgrade your home with one easy package. call 1.888.get.fios. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. welcome to life on fios. that'll do it for the late edition,.../ thanks so much for joining us. i'm jeff barnd..../ up next is morgan adsit, sport
. the storm was part of a system that stretched down to oklahoma. one of the ravens oneeof the ravens rivals is for sale...and the guy who wants to buy them is a steelers fan...next in sports unlimited... çç that's it for us. here's moogan adsit with sports unlimited if you talk to the average sports fan...or even sports reporter outside this market... they immediately link the ravens with an old defense. with two people getting all the attention... ray lewis and ed reed. reed.no doubt about it they're the stamp of this franchise... and soon to be hall of famers.. in football terms they're old. lewis 37... entering his 17th season.reed 33... 11th season. but with the current 11 players running as starters... the ravens average age on defense is 27.take reed and lewis out of the equation it's 25..that's called prime football age just past a rookie deal.the ravens have changed their ways on defense... yet, no one's taking notice. 3 for the second straight day....ravens left tackle bryant mckinnie is still a no show.he has yet to report to camp... and will be fined every day he misses.john
- and lost control. 3 3 the ravens empty their wallet to pay ray rice...his impressive resume after 4 years in the league...next in @ports unlimited... that'll do it for the late edition,.../ thanks so much for joining us. i'm jeff barnd..../ up next is morgan adsit, sports unlimited starts right now. there's nothing like pushing a deadline.the ravens and ray rice reached a new multi-year deal...with just minutes to spare before the 4 p.m. franchise tag deadline. deadline.ray rice and the ravens agreed on a 5-year deal... worth 40 million.rice has been the offense for the ravens since his rookie season 4 years ago..but he's also a running back... and that shelf life in the n-f-l is usually three, four seasons tops.i'm sure those two reasons pinned against each other is why this deal didn't get done until the last minute..now that it's a done deal... ray rice is under contract and will report to training camp next week, on time.if this didn't happen... rice could have held out... and would have eventually played this season under the franchise tag... worth 7- point-7 million. this is
facilities. the governor wants a consensus to be reached. >>> ravens veterans are returning to training camp. here is mark with more on the ravens getting back to work. >> after a couple of days of light work outs involving the quarterbacks, the rookies and some select veterans, today is the day that the entire team hits the field, the healthy ones. terrell suggs will not be there. the players begin arriving in ownings mills yesterday. >> a good morning and a good month for ray rice, arriving for camp after signing a new $40 million contract. a number of players showing up, including the arrive of notable safety ed read. read gets ready for his 11th nfl season. while the rookies on the field are getting ready for their first. a light work out for them before the full squad joins thursday. bernard pierce wants to make a good impression as he fights for a job. . >> i look forward to every practice being able to go on the field and do my best every day. i'm look ing to turn heads every day on the practice field. >> pierce wants to be part of a one-two punch with star running back ray rice. his
and other cleaning agents at odem. >>> well, football. it's back. ravens veterans report to training camp as the team sets its sites on a super bowl run. wjz is live at the training facility in owings mills. sports director mark viviano has more on the ravens getting back to work. >>> and the real work will begin tomorrow, when the ravens have their first full squad training camp workout. but yes, they gotta get here first. and today was check november in -- check-in day. as the ravens arrive, bringing with them the high hopes that come with the expectations of yet another play-off season. >>> good morning. good morning. >> reporter: a good morning. and a good month for ray rice. arriving for camp after signing a new $40 million contract. a number of players showing up included the notable arrival of veterans safety ed reed. reporting for duty after another off season in which he hinted at retirement. reed gets ready for his 11th nfl season. while the rockies -- rookies on the field get ready for their first. a light workout for them before the full squad joins in on thursday. rookie runn
't want to go there and just gamble. >>> ravens training camp has kicked into high gear. the first full time practice. here is mark with more on the team's expectations. >> there were a come l of -- couple of notable no shows on the first day of training camp. nada was out because he had tweaked his hamstring. he's expected to be okay. the bigger mystery is that of offensive lineman bryan mckinney. coach harbaugh said it was a mystery as to why he was not there. he said it was personal reasons. harbaugh was going to check in with mckinney's agent to find out the details. those ravens that the fans have come to know and count on were here. that core of players that includes ray lewis, ed read, joe flacco and ray rice. the first official full squad train camp work out to kick off the ravens new championship quest. making the playoffs has become the standard under coach john harbaugh. 4 season ones -- seasons on the job, 4 post season appearances. still no super bowl. having fallen short of that goal many that close call at new england 6 months ago as extra motivation for some ray rents. -
investigates. >> reporter: for 8 eerld raven, it was a routine trip to the dentist for a kach cavity and cleaning. >> she wanted to have pretty teeth. >> 5 eerld diamond needed some cavity filled. >> later that day she was going to attend the princess party. >> more than a dozen other children across the country, the trip to the dentist would lead to death. >> who thinks that they're going to take their daughter to the dentist and never bring her home? >> it is a growing problem and most of the dentists involved in the death continue to practice. >> how is it you're still working as a dentist? >> thank you very much. >> sit a skand until many cases driven by tentists who are told they can increase their bottom line, hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra profit by giving their young patients a quick but all too often dangerous dose of sedatives, supposedly to make it safer to work on the children. >> there are no safe sedatives or an stettics. >> raven of virginia died after her dentist gave her what was supposed to be a minimum dose of an oral sedative. >> they could get a lot mo
. today the ravens reported to get ready for some football. >> mcdaniel, love the people in carroll county but focused on this training camp here. >> this training facility is the place the ravens will call home after the lock out and the delayed start last year they ended up here ending their 15 year run at mcdaniel college. >>> summers will just not be the same. dad used to take the back roads out to point out johnny u and for the past 15 years we take 795 out to mcdaniel to see ray lewis. >> no tents, no fences, no stands for the fans. >> when i was a young kid i spent every day up there. >> now the field is filled with lacrosse players instead of the ravens. that's because there were no camp and this year they announced they're not coming back to westminster, they're moving to the under ground center in mills. raven specials every night on the menu and take a look at this room, 39 people are here tonight. >> the ironic thing is we're hosting weight lost meetings in our book room. >> reporter: and they run contests and this has two months worth already. >> the biggest disappointment is
for the ravens as training camp 2012 kicks into high gear. wjz is live at owings mills. sports director mark viviono -- viviano has the team's expectations. >> reporter: we'll start with the news we had last hour about a couple of notable absences from this first day of training camp. first off, haloti nata. he strained his hamstring yesterday expftion un-- and was unable to practice today. and starting lineback mckinney. harbaugh say its is a personal matter that has kept mckinney from being here. he does not know why it is. he will speak to mckinney's agent. that could have a major impact on the ravens and their offensive line. that is who was not at practice. for the ravens fans, they will be happy to know the core players they've come to count on, they were here. ed reed, joe flacco, ray lewis and ray rice. >> reporter: the first official kickoff to kick off the ravensne championship quest. making the play-offs has become the standard under harbaugh. four seasons on the job. four post season appearances. twice reaching the title game. but still no super bowl. >> reporter: having fallen s
of the weekend looks to be sunday with partly cloudy skies. >> the ravens faulting practice takes place with a conspicuous no show. see who did not make it to owings mills today. that is next in sports. >> tonight's jackpot is then estimated $1,850,000. here are your winning numbers for tonight. 18-17-19-16-29-5. if no one that is all six numbers on one line of a ticket, the jackpot climbs to $1,900,000. the next drawing is monday night at 11:22 here on wbal-tv 11. [ male announcer ] we've made verizon fios even easier to switch to -- and even harder to resist. because now you can move up to fios with no annual contract required. for just $99.99 a month for a year, you'll get a fios triple play and our whole home solution, including a high-speed wireless router, plus a new multi-room dvr and hd set top box free for six months. upgrade to fios. no annual contract means now there's no reason to wait. call 1.888.get.fios. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities welcome to life on fios. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> you may recall just last summer the ravens general manager f
that the stadium will look drastically different in the next week or so. >> he will not be seeing the ravens logo even though they're playing football. we explain why. >> find out what maryland is doing to protect and athletes from confe >> [helps is preparing to take on a new role, the principal at new windsor middle school since it opened seven years ago. phelps is ticking on a new role with the baltimore indication down addition raising money for school education programs. >> not a moment too soon. this comes as emergency regulations are hounded -- handed down today by the maryland state board of vindication. -- education. >> when than 60,000 high-school and college athletes per year received concussions from playing contact sports. some of them have got more than one. they're moving to put more teeth in the current policy to help protect athletes. >> i want to be clear. the second can be additive but either one can be devastating. you need to respect the material. >> the regulations taking a back driveway requires more training for coaches in the area of brain injuries and put in place criter
for the ravens training camp. and the heat is quarterback joe flacco to lead the team to the super bowl. sports director mark viviano has more. >> when we list the greats playing now. names like brady, brees, big ben, rogers, they get mentioned first. where does joe flacco fit in? if we define greatness by championships, flacco is a work in progress. >> reporter: and joe flacco's progress to this point is impressive. getting ready for his fifth season, he's helped lead the ravens to four straight play- off seasons. >> i think we've got a quarterback that is ready to continue on his path to becoming a great quarterback. and it's going to be fun to watch. >> reporter: the coach believes in his qb. but an even bigger endorsement comes from the biggest raven of all time. ray lewis. the only holdever from the ravens' super bowl team sees flacco as the answer. >> if i'm dealing with flacco, i have serious swagger. serious. four straight play-off appearances, two afc championships and you were a play away from being in the super bowl in both of those? you have to. >> reporter: linebacker ray lewis de
for the ravens is under way. wjz is live at the ravens complex in owings mills. sports director mark viviano speaks with some of the players. >> reporter: not a bad first day of work for the ravens. considering that for most of the time they were on the field, it was overcast, even a little drizzle. not bad for late july here in owings mills. today was just the rookies and the quarterbacks. so a lot of guys new to the team getting their first taste of a real nfl training camp. and another thing that is new. look out for your new head coach. and his new look. john harbaugh, sporting facial hair. he's trying something different in a new year. >> reporter: the excitement starts in the summertime for the ravens and their fans. for the players, it's time to get back to work. >> reporter: training camp means long, hot hours in preparation for another season. what they hope is that they put together a team that is capable of what they have o they -- what they accomplished last season. quarterback joe flacco has been in charge of the offense each of the past four seasons and it is said the goal rema
. >> and the ravens safety has considered his annual camp in the baltimore area and unlike many players, [unintelligible] it is impressive and when he takes to the microphone, you just never know. in an interview today, he spoke about his future with the team plus frustrations with playing professional football. >> you have so-called true raven fans as they say but when you say you are not coming to camp, they tend to go the other way. but you can't worry about those people. there are fans who truly love you and support you regardless of the situation. i never thought about not playing. for the time, after a season, that always says something different. a player would be wrong not to assess themselves. after a season, that's what i was doing. i was reflecting. i got myself away from football. that's why i did not come to minicamp. i spent time with my family. >> he will play for the ravens. [unintelligible] adam jones absolutely crushed the rivals with the 21st home run of the season and a perfect gift to a young pitcher trying to reestablish his presence on the grid. 11 straight games
glory winning his 400 meter qualifier. >>> we approach football season. as the ravens return to training camp the pressure is already on quarterback joe flacco. >> talking football. when we list the great quarterbacks presently playing in the nfl names lake brady, brees aaron rogers get mentioned first. where does joe flacco fit in? if we define it by championships, flacco is a work in progress. flacco's progress at this point is imprezive. >> we have a quarterback ready to continue on his path to becoming a great quarterback. it's going to be fun to watch. >> an even bigger endorsement coming from the greatest raven of all time, ray lewis, the only hold over from the raven's super bowl team seeing flacco as a winner. >> like if i'm joe flacco i got crazy swagger. serious. if i led my team to four straight playoff appearances, you have to. >> ray lewis defines the ravens as dominant on defense. is it too many for flacco to -- is it time for flacco to step up and make the ravens great on offense. joe asks what do you think he's been doing. >> as far as i'm concerned we shouldn't be holdin
adsit live at owings mills with the ravens..it's day two of camp...still no bryant mckinnie.he has yet to report because of personal issues. michael oher is the team's starting left tackle..haloti ngata here, but not practicing after tweaking his hamstring during a conditioning test.but there's some good news... rookie o-lineman kelechi osmele is on the field... after missing time with back spasms. meanwhile the 90 guys that are on the ravens camp roster... are all fighting for a spot.in a few weeks, the ravens cut that number to 75.then eventually to 53..the first to go are the undrafted rookie free agents.long shots that didn't get drafted...and usually just get one or two chances to make their n-f-l dreams come true..every camp one guy gets through.... receiver and special teams player laquan williams got it last year.but it's even more rare for those players to get a second contract let alone start..linebacker jameel mcclain a perfect example. undrafted out of syracuse... worked his way up to ravens starter...and began his 5th season with a new 3-year deal worthh10-point-5 million
their conditions have been upgraded from critical to serious and fair. >>> a sigh of relief. the ravens strike a deal to lock up a popular a player with a long-term contract. we are joined now with details of the megadeal for ray rice. let me read on here. ray rice is a fan favorite, active in the community, talented on the field, and now wealthy beyond his dreams. will i gets a five-year contract worth $25 million. the deal was struck minutes before 4:00 p.m. had there been no contract, rice still would have been a raven for one season. rice would have sat out training camp and maybe missed some games. that's not a concern now. he's locked in long-term, getting ready for training camp, coming often his best season yet. he had the most total yardage in the nfl last year. with the rice deal done, the ravens next priority is a long-term deal for joe flacco. the ravens convene for training camp in owens mills in two weeks. >>> maryland drivers under 40 can now renew their driver's license online. the motor vehicle administration is trying to streamline the renewal process. the first eligible driv
comment on the arrest, calling it a personnel matter. >>> hopefully you're ready for some ravens football. today is the opening day of training camp. wjz is live at the ravens practice facility at owings mills. sports director mark viviano has a first look at the team. >> reporter: players still out on the field here in owings mills as we speak. and not a bad day of work for them. mostly overcast and drizzle. so not the usual july oppressive heat. but in short time, the heat will be turned up on this team, both literally and figuratively, as they head into another season in which they will be considered to be championship contenders. >> reporter: the excitement starts in the summertime for the ravens and their fans. for the players, it's time to get back to work. >> training camp means long, hot hours in preparation for another season. what they hope is that they put together a team that is capable of what they accomplished the last four seasons. play-off trips. and twice making it to the conference title game. quarterback joe flacco has been in charge of the offense, each of the past fou
'm jessica kartalija at ravens training camp. how some fans get a front row seat here at practice, that story is coming up straight ahead. >> a few clouds hanging around after a few showers. find out if the rain will return in the upcoming days. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it's partly sunny and 83 degrees. right now an anne anne arundel county man accused of threatening his employer is being defended busy his friends. >> tonight police stand by their allegations. >> reporter: it could be days before neil prescott is charged. for now he's undergoing a mental evaluation threatening to kill his coworkers last week at this shipping and software company. >> in fact, he said i'm the joker and i'm going to load my guns and blow everyone up. >> reporter: that possible reference to the colorado movie massacre alarmed authority but not some of prescott's friends now speaking only to wjz. >> i know concerns of some people using to describe neil such as terrorists. if anything neil was also known as a gentle giant or i would refer to him as an iron teddy bear. >> reporter: wjz has learned prescott -- friends s
gets the license to operate slots in baltimore. >>> i'm mike schuh, at lock raven. that's shane and david. and with your help, they're and with your help, they're ready to go the u.s. national ,, >>> it's mostly cloudy. 82 degrees in central maryland now. good evening, everyone. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. mitt romney is headed back to the united states, after his trip to europe. and the controversy is coming home with him. tara mergener reports on the latest for wjz. and tonight's campaign 2012 report. >>> mitt and ann romney laid flowers at a monument to the war saw heroes, one of the couple's final stops overseas. the republican white house hopeful received a warm welcome in poland ai country that has sometimes been at odds with the obama administration. >> in a turbulent world, poland stands as an example and a defender of freedom. >> reporter: but romney's foreign trip has been filled with controversy. at his first stop in london, he questioned whether the city was ready for the olympics. in israel, he told jewish donors, their culture mak
. this is what came through, that straight line winds just barrelling down. just think of a raven's front line tearing down everything in front of it, running at full speed. that's what the winds did. >> that works for me. >> they were up around 70 at times. they were 90 miles an hour before they got here. we will have more storms but nothing quite as drastic as this. >> i have a feeling i'm going to be reading that sometime. >> you might be. >> we are taking a break and coming back. it's 17 minutes past the hour as the clock a,,,, good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions.
: you know, it's midsummer, not yet ravens season but it is training camp season. the ravens and their fans and this statute all getting ready for it. all the details straight ahead when eyewitness news morning edition continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> good morning. primarily gray skies, a couple light showers west of columbia. again, today, tonight, not so much tomorrow but saturday we have a chance of getting a little bit of moisture in here. that's going to be the only chance. sunday and beyond looks to be beautiful but dry weather. 77 right now, 79% humidity, barometer is 29.91. you look at these numbers and say it's warm, humid and stuffy again. yeah, it is but there's a different feel to the morning. there's not a lot of tension. western maryland pleasant, 66 oakland, the mid 70s easton, packs river and ocean city, 80 annapolis and kent island, 77 in columbia. that cold front dove through the ree -- region and put its brakes on. we have to think to ourselves there could be a chance of a shower or thunderstorm around, nothing severe. 93 today, the max heat index 96.
, get in position. we're going to have you do a little number. when we hear it at the ravens games on sunday. the mc host for saturday night wjz 105.7 the fan's mark zino, our buddy, who is an iraq war veteran. >> not just one, but two tours. >> reporter: that's right. >> ♪ i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me. i proudly stand up next to you and defend her still today. there ain't no doubt i love this land. god bless the usa ♪ ♪ ♪ and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free. and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me. and i proudly stand up next to you and defend her still today. there ain't no doubt i love this land, god bless the usa ♪ >> reporter: you guys sound great are. give yourselves a big hand. >> thank you. >> reporter: awesome . it's the joey d care's rock orchestra concert for charity saturday night, century high school. guys, you do great work. thank you for joining us so early in the morning. you sound fabulous. >> thank you. >> reporter: thank you so much. all right. we want to thank or friends a
the baltimore ravens... no... longer... have to worry... about... ánotá... seeing... the heart and soul... of... their offense... at the start... of... next week's training camp.../.the... ravens ...and... ray rice... made nice today.../. morgan adsit... joins us... with more... on... his... new contract. contract.the ravens and ray deal minutes before the 4 p.m. franchise tag deadline.both sides agreed onna new 5-year deal... worth 40 million. so ray rice is under contract and set to be a raven until he's 30.....now that the deal is done... ray rice is under contract and will report to training camp next week,,on time.if this didn't happen... rice could have held out... and would have eventually played this season under the franchise tag... worth 7- point-7 million. rice was in owings mills to sign the deal.but will not address the media until next wednesday at the start of training camp.moreeon rice's deal later sports unlimited. 3 the ásurgeryá this panhandler is asking for... later on fox45 news at ten nats> ffrefighters... rush
. >> 2017 is the next time the ravens have to worry about a contract with ray rice. he becomes the highest paid running back in ravens history and he is in the prime of his career. keith mills breaks down the new contract. >> glad we took care of that. 74 degrees on tv hill. drought conditions are sweeping the nation in dozens of states. >> winning. charlie sheen set to make a big donation for our soldiers. >> this is the beltway at bel air road. more on weather and traffic when more on weather and traffic when we come back >> welcome back to 11 news today. 5:10, 84 degrees downtown at the inner harbor. the sun will be coming up in about 50 minutes. 76 in parkville. we have 77 in catonsville. we expect temperatures to be pretty toasty this afternoon. we have the heat and the high humidity. upper 90's for parts of the eastern shore. even the beach will be heating up this afternoon. we just get sunshine and it will stay hot into the next couple of days with details in the fall ull forecast. >> most of the country is suffering through a drought like conditions. nearly 60% of the country is in
love the ravens and you love him, whodunits? today is your lucky day. the team is hosting the first ever purple bingo nigh it's happening -- night it's happening at m&t bank stadium. the ravens it's going to be similar to the ravens purple ladies night they he's during the season. smith will be calling out the bingo numbers and taking pictures with the winners of each round. gates open at 6:00. the bingo starts at 7:00. you're excited about that man. i would be doing that. >> contain yourselves when he's up there calling out the numbers. good to see the ravens getting involved. >> how's the weather going to be for them mike? >> you've not invited. >> here i go. here's whaon out in chesapeake beach. temperature of 75-degrees and all right dew points still really high at 71 and still pretty uncomfortable morning in many locations. 81 d.c. and a pair of 7s over the eastern shore. all right maryland's most powerful radar clear overhead so we have a dry morning. dry commute. and a dry afternoon. at least the majority of it. but i want to go off towards the north. this is where there's a
. >> five more years. the ravens and ray rice come to an agreement. >> it is should be up to be another hot, sticky day outside. the forecast as we continue. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> it is sticky and humid. >> it is sticking to start out the day. we expect some drier air to push in. tietmeyer is the day with the heat and humidity -- tomorrow is the day with the heat and humidity. we have a few clouds in the sky. sunny skies and toasty temperatures. highs near 100 degrees. 95 for ocean city. the mountains have been isolated chance for a thunderstorm. it will turn drier by this afternoon. details in the seven-day forecast. >> linda start by apologizing in advance because it will be a mess -- let me start by apologizing. lombard street is closed and we have closures along light street between fiat and lombard. expect delays throughout
with 27 homeruns. the ravens had two orders of business this off season...the first... ray rice's contract. well that's a done deal.5 years, 40 million dollars. dollars.now the focus turns to joe flacco.the ravens q-b is under contract this season... but wants a new one..can't blame him... all four seasons... he took baltimore to the playoffs and won games. 9 total post season games... 5 of those wins.flacco's agent couldn't be reached today... but he told me earlier this summer... flacco doesn't plan to holdout.but they do expect elite q-b money along the lines of brady, brees, rodgers and the mannings. former ravens running back jamal lewis is heading into the ring of honor.it will happen during week four... when the browns visit the ravens at m&t bank... fitting. lewis ended his career in cleveland..lewis played 6 seasons as a raven.and is the franchise's all-time leading rusher. any time he's on the links for a major...count on the focus to be tiger this, tiger that. comes with the greatness territory for tiger woods. woods.he's just 4 majors away from tying jack nicklaus' record of 18
... they immediately link the ravens with an aging defense. morgan adsit here now to show us that's not the case, morgan. in years past...yes, the ravens had an older defense. this off season they parted ways with vets jarret johnson and cory redding... and got baltimore gets linked with age on "d."thanks to ray lewis and in football terms they're old. lewis 37... entering his 17th season.reed 33... 11th season. but with the current 11 players running as starters... the ravens average age on defense is 27.take reed and lewis out of the equation it's 25..that's prime football age just past a rookie deal.the ravens have changed their ways on defense... yet, no ne's taking notice. 3 hear what anquan boldin has to say about flacco's contract situation... and a former raver retires. that's in about 40 in sports unlimited. 3 robert messer, jr, gun owner: "i think it's a direct assault on our 2nd amendment rights." rights." gun owners fired up... how a u.n. treaty could impact who's allowed to own a firearm. a billboard comparing president obama to the colorado shooting suspect ... how it equat
report. what's happening with ravens training camp. >> traifns raining camp? >> yeah. >> he's talking about the people who dress in purple all the tile, the ravens. they're doing really good. every year, that concern about the secondary and the offensive line. but the offensive line is the toughest position. everybodile in football. the the ravens news does top the news. quarterback lardarius webb returns to training camp, after missing practice due to personal reasons. >>> and a no show for the third straight day. this show goes on. insert michael oher from mckinney's left spot. he says mckinney gives him the sense that he'll soon be returning. i can tell you that andy moller, the line coach, is pretty pleased with what he has so far. >> passing has been good. run blocking has been good so far. but we have been good. guys are upbeat. grot a great group of guys. energetic. it's been good. >>> meanwhile, turning to baseball now. to the last night, where fairly wild and bizarre describes the o's and a's. o's trailed 5-0 early. but they rallied to take the lead. adam jones. line drive. i
not a degree but some extra schooling. five-years ago he was a rookie with the ravens and now is a rookie again i guess. >> rookie dad. he talks about taking snaps at father hood. >> weather wise, the strong storms out there tonight but the beginning to push out into the northeast. talk about when they clear and what the weather looks like for friday. >> and an investigation gets results, how a report you saw on our air has led to a very big suv recall, the news comes right back in one minute. . >>> number five had number one last month. ravens quarterback and his wife delivered an eight pound baby boy. >> for all of you who wonder fire department he changes his play at the line of scrimmage no he doesn't change diapers at home. >> i'm not doing diaper changing. so --. >> reporter: the best quarterback they have had comes into this camp a rookie dad. >> it was different leaving home this time. >> reporter: joe are you reading the defense from the bass net when steven starts to blitz a balling at four? >> hasn't been bad. my wife is doing a great job. i have been sleeping. unless he cries
days into ravens training camp and the top story line is the mckinnie mystery. he's a key member of the offensive line and still not reported for practice. they don't know why. he's a critical position of left tackle. he's fined $30,000 for each day he misses. the ravens shift to plan b, that guy, michael oher. he has spoken to the absentee mate. >> i told him to take his time and he'll be there if he needs us and take care of anything he has going, so i'm pretty sure he'll get everything squared away. >> starting defensive tackle has yet to practice this week, out with a hamstring sprain. coach harbaugh said he does not believe the injury is serious. among other teams to kick off camp, new york giants in albany. eli manning will be in baltimore to face the ravens on december 23rd. still can't believe the orioles game tonight. they're going to bounce back soon. >> i hope so. >> thank you, mark. >>> up next, a book might be judged by its cover. >> but this author ,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> visitors to a bookstore in arizona has an experience nothing to do with the books and everything to do
40,000 tickets have already been sold. they'll hit the field saturday afternoon. >>> ravens players and fans are getting prepared for our football season. ravens veterans report to training camp today. rookies and quarterback joe flacco reported yesterday. the ravens made it to the playoffs the last four seasons. they fell short in the conference last year. that is about to change. >> this is going to be our year. >> it is. that's all i'll say. >>> still to come on wjz's eyewitness news at noon. why mitt romney says the white house is behind the leak of some classified documents. >> an interesting honor for michelle bachmann. why she's smiling today. >> it's a little hot but still very nice outside. your complete first warning weather forecast is still coming up. hey parents, it's a big year. i'm not just teaching music. ♪ i'm teaching performance. here's what they'll need. ♪ get your backpack, your hoodies, harajuku, ♪ ♪ turquoise kinda purple orangish sorta blue. ♪ ♪ backpacks, yeow, ♪ to put their stuff in. ♪ graphic tees and denim, denim, denim, denim. ♪ ♪ ba
he died peacefully... he waa eighty-sii-years-ood. 3 against seattle tonight....nd the ravens quarterback has a big fan in philly...brucee cunningham has those sttries next in sports unlimited...Ñ Ñ 3 3 phat's all for the late edition. but we're not done yet. hhre's birthday boy -& pnlimited, happy birthday brucee the orioles continued tonight in seattte..and things arr not going well...at all...and may be even worse went in tonight having loss 0 of thhir last 12... 12... ...a verr good pitchinn matchup...former cy young award winner felix hernandez goiig for the m's...here, he &ppuncces oot chris davis to ee the first......the o's countered wiih wie-yin chen and he was throwing well, too...he gets former towson last night's victory...he's perfect thru 5...no scooe righttnow in the 6th.... meanwhile...bbian roberrs is heeding back to he diiabled list...he spent nearll 13 months recovering from returned just 17 days ago... tte problem his time...it's a groinninjury....he's hittiig just .182 with nn home runs pnd 5 rbi...outfielder xavier avery is being recaaled to re
dishwasher brands in north america recommend cascade. 3 there's nothing llke pushing a deadline.the ravens and ray rice eached a nee multi-year deal...with juut minutes to spare efore the 4 p.m. franchise tag deadline. deaaline.ray rice and tte ravens have agreeddon 5-year deal... worth 40 illion.rice has been thh offense for the ravens since his rookie season 4 years ago..but he's also a running back... and that shelf life in the n-f-l is usuully &pthree, four seasons tops.i'm sure those two reasons pinned against each other is why this deal didn't get done until the past minute..nnw that it's complete... ray rrce is under connract and will report to training camp next weekk,on time.if this didn't haapen... &price could have held out... and would have eventually played this season under thee franchise tag... wortt 7- 3 matt forte and he bears beat the franchise tag deadline today as well.the running back signed a 4- yeer deaa...worrh 33 million..foote sprained his right knee in december... andd miised the rest of the year. forte still finished his 4th
and liverpool that will be played inside the ravens stadium... the groundscrew has layed down more than 86- thousand square feet of kentucky blue grass that was trucked in from new jersey.the sod takes two days to put down and one to remove. it makes the groundscrews long for the days of grass fields in nfl stadiums. 6:51:20-6:51:37"yeah maybe, it'd be nice to have real grass back...........no matter what the weather." weather." after the game... the sod will be rolled back up and shipped back to the farm where it was grown.the soccer match takes place on july 28th. two people caught on camera shoplifting... the things they left behind ... that have police very surprised. 3 a police officer risks his life to stop a driver traveling the wrong way... and it's all caught on camera. and the new way american idol is expanding it's search for talent... coming up. 3 --adblib weather tz-- 28-32 [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the new santa fe steak melts. get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt. juicy steak, crispy bacon, and melted cheese with creamy san
for the ravens from the injury front...bruce cunningham has details next in sports unlimited 3 there are those who will make the case that michael phelps is the greatest olympian ever...after what happened today...there is now documented proof...the baltimore bullet today became the games' alltime leader in me. medals... phelps tied the record this afternoon by getting a silver in the men's 200 meter butterfly...and then later today, picked up a gold as a member of the us 4x200 meter relay team...he passes larina latynina, a soviet gymnast, for the alltime lead with 19 career olympic medals... another soviet gymnast, nicolay andrianov is third alltime..phelps' 15 gold medals are already an olympic record back home...another long hot day for the ravens in the l,ate july sun as training camp grinds on...today, they got some news that was not a surprise, but certainly bad news nonetheless.. nonetheless.. they learned that tight end dennis pitta will have to have surgery to repair a broken bone in his right hand...and they wasted no time..pitta went under the knife today and will likely miss the e
more seasons...where the ravens' pocket book focus turns next...in sports unlimited. 3 [ male announcer ] we got a real mom and the family car to do an experiment. we put a week of her family's smelly stuff all in at once to prove that febreze car vent clips could eliminate the odor. then we brought her family to our test facility to see if it worked. [ woman ] take a deep breath, tell me what you smell. something fresh. a beach. a clean house. my new car. [ woman ] go ahead and take your blindfolds off. oh!! hahahaha!!! look at all this garbage!!! [ male announcer ] febreze car. eliminates odors for continuous freshness, so you can breathe happy. we knew before the start of the orioles 20-12 season...the o's pooo of depth wasn't very deep.now it's catching up.o's can't produce runs...they lead the league in errors.bullpen'' overworked... giving up 12 runs last night.and one starting pitcher remains active from the opening day ros. roster.so it's on to the next... zach britton makes his orioles season debut tonight in minnesota.the lefty led the birds in wins last season as a rookie...b
't be on the field anytime soon and when the ravens hope he returns...next in sports unlimited... that's it for us ushere's bruce cunningham with sports unlimited. this time of year, any nfl; team's greatest fear is a training camp injury...the ravens got their first today, and it's an important one...it involved dennis pitta, who became a real threat last year.. year... the third year tight end suffered a broken hand in today's practice...last season he had a solid year, 40 catches for over 400 yards and 3 touchdowns...and really began to built a relationship with jor flacco...and, at least for now, they're gonna have to do without him... 3 ...meanwhile...veteran tackle bryant mckinney reported to camp today...four days late, but he is here...it's a weird story...he says he fell at his florida home and injured his back. since he doesn't have an agent, his chiropractor had to notify the ravens...he spent the day with the team's medical staff and will undergo the grueling conditioning test...but he's nowhere near being ready to hit the field... 3 a brutal stretch begins tonight for the orioles...
on the ravens ends for the moment. word spread that its last day was today. the owner wants to restructure his business as he tries to find a financially sound partner. >> we are closed today. we are working on some things to get back and make it better than ever. that's the idea. >> you miss it? >> i have to say yes. especially when the ravens start. >> chris woods parents met mere 27 years ago. lisa will miss the crabs, chris met her husband there. fred, just blade there on saturday night and bob we have lost a carnie classic. this is where local bands played. lots of memories at barn but it'll be back. >> it's time to join the tapping trend. >> no. we are tapping our -- our cheeks, eyelids, why you will be tapping after you see this. . and look up, the world isn't flatf. it was just think of all those who would have fallen off from texting. tonight the effects of distracted walking. . >>> tap out after this. >> imagine gets getting rid of your stress. >> promoters of a new therapy say it works almost immediately. reports, skyrocketing in popularity. christian's stress was so bad she
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